Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shooting Gallery & Andromeda/Athabasca Linkup

Had a great trip out at the Icefields with friends Raphael ( & Juan on Monday.  Our original plan was to try a route called Rights of Passage on Mt. Kitchener, but inspection with binoculars showed a large serac feature threatening the route.  We decided it was too dangerous for our tastes so we came up with a calf-busting endurance-testing plan B.  We settled on trying to do the Shooting Gallery on Andromeda (IV, WI4), continue to the summit, then descend to the AA Col and traverse over to Athabasca, then climb to the summit of Athabasca.  It all went smoothly, and with lots of fast climbing we managed to complete the link-up. 

The Shooting Gallery is directly above the front climbers head.

Heading up the lower snow gully.

Me on the short crux pitch of ice (I won the rock/paper/scissors for the lead!)

On the summit of Andromeda, 6 hours after leaving the car.

On the way down Andromeda before marching to the summit of Athabasca.

J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide

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