Saturday, May 5, 2012

Icy Snapshots

I spent most of March and early April guiding full time on lots of fantastic routes with even more fantastic guests!  It didn't leave alot of time for blogging & other computer endeavors, but here is the last month of ice season in photos!

During an attempt at a winter ascent of Mt. Murchison via Murchison Falls (WI4+) and the South West Face above:

Snowline (WI4) up Evan Thomas Creek:

Rappelling down Guinness Gully:

The famous Weeping Wall, which I guided a couple times in March, as well as an ascent of the nearby Mixed Master (WI4+, 5.8), but we forgot our cameras!

In the ice cave on the Central Pillar Route (WI5+) on the Weeping Wall:

High on Moonlight (WI4):

Below the crux pillar of Louise Falls (WI4):

Pulling into a small cave on Moonlight (WI4):

Mixed climbing at Haffner Creek:

The super-cool pillar of Tokkum Pole (WI5) in Marble Canyon:

Farzin practicing his leading by "guiding" me up Louise Falls!

Near the top of Louise Falls:

Through the slot high on Coire Dubh Integral (WI3, 5.7):

Sunshiny days high on Coire Dubh:

The SW Face of Murchison, we turned around at about 10000ft due to poor snow conditions:

Our beautiful campsite above Murchison Falls, hauling the pack was nasty but the incredible campsite was worth it!

 It's rock climbing season now, see you in the hills!

Jay Mills

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