Friday, December 11, 2009

Three days of Ice Climbing with Everett & Jeremy

Despite the frigid temperatures of the last three days, Jeremy, Everett, and myself enjoyed some excellent ice climbing! Everett & Jeremy already had experience with lead climbing & multipitching in the summer time and wanted to transfer these skills to the ice.

Jeremy on his first ice climbing lead!
On the first day we went to Haffner Creek and climbed every piece of ice in the canyon. We practiced lots of climbing technique, ice screw placements, and some anchor building. This was the coldest day so far this winter but we all managed to stay warm by climbing non-stop all day!

Everett on his first ice lead!
For our second day we moved onto multipitch skills with an ascent of the classic Guinness Gully near Field, BC. The climb was lots of fun and we practiced multipitch skills such as belay transitions, swapping leaders, double rope techniques, anchors, and multipitch rapelling.

On day three we put all the skills to work and Everett & Jeremy each did there first few lead climbs at King Creek! They both have a good head for it and did a great job of staying safe and in control on each of their leads.

I wish them both the best of luck as they continue progressing with their ice climbing throughout the winter!

J. Mills
CRAG Owner & Head Guide


  1. Nice Jacket Everett!!! you guys look like pros


  2. Looks like you guys had a fantastic time despite the cold! Way to go!

    ~ Carmen