Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Intro Ice Course - cold but lots of fun!

Learning to Ice Climb at King Creek with many layers of warm clothes on!

Last weekend a group of four keen climbers joined me for the first Intro Ice Course of the winter. Despite frigid temperatures both mornings, we all managed to stay warm enough and get tons of climbing in. I brought out a bin full of extra warm pants & down jackets and I think all of it got used!

On Saturday we headed out to King Creek and started with some safety stuff like belaying, communication, and ropework. Everyone quickly picked up these skills so we were climbing in no time! We spent a full day in the canyon climbing each of the ice routes and everyone was climbing great by the end.

Top-roping away at King Creek.

For our second day we headed up to the Canmore Junkyards and did a bunch more climbing as well as learning about ice screws, anchors, and more technique. We also did a little bit of thin ice & mixed climbing at the end of the day. To warm up we headed to the pub for a debrief and much needed burger & fries before heading home!

Thanks to Jen, Jill, Matt & Ken for your enthusiasm and tolerance for the cold temps! It was a fun weekend!

J. Mills
CRAG Owner & Head Guide

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