Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ice Climbing!!!! R&D and Rockies Ice Conditions update.

Ice season has now officially started and a few select routes have seen their first ascents of the season. Yesterday I skipped out on a few hours of Thanksgiving celebrations and got my picks in the ice for the first time on the classic R & D (W4+, 50m). It is located up Ranger Creek in K-Country and was in suprisingly good shape for early season. Other climbs in Ranger Creek also looked good and I climbed most of Lone Ranger (W4, 100m) before unleashing a spurt of water on my face. The Chalice & The Blade (W5, 100m) also looked good but too hard for a solo on my first day out for the year.

R & D

Rockies Ice Conditions Update

After the climb I went for a drive around Kananaskis to look at the ice climbing conditions. Here's some pics & comments.

"Spite" high on Mt. Warspite. It looked to be fully formed.

One of the WI3's on Opal Ridge was formed. Mabey "The Blue Door". I'm not sure though.

Other Ranger Creek climbs: "Lone Ranger" on left and "Challice & the Blade" on the right.

"Bridge Too Far" on far left and "Kidd Falls" high on the right. Both climbs looked like the pillars needed a few more days.

First Blood (not quite formed), Dr. Evil, & Life's Spindrift (looked OK).

Amadeaus looked to be in great shape.
J. Mills
CRAG Owner & Head Guide

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