Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Attempt on Mt. Blane mixed line

Walked into a wild looking line on Mt. Blane above King Creek in Kananaskis. The route looked fantastic but I was constantly being pummeled by spindrift as I tried leading the 1st pitch so we decided to come back another day. Here's a pic:

Our proposed line is the thin white line of ice just left of center.

I really hope to get back in for another try in the next couple of weeks.


-King Creek ice climbs all have ice on them but are wet and thin.
-Most of the climbs on the David Thompson highway have continuous ice of varying thicknesses.
-French Creek routes look formed but thin. I couldn't spot Auto de Feu though.
-Drip at the Center of the Universe is not formed.
-Polar Circus aparently has continuous ice but may or may not be climbable yet.
-Murchison Falls & Virtual Reality look formed.
-Humble Horse looked climbable to a friend who walked in a few days ago.

J. Mills

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