Friday, June 26, 2009

North Face of Mount Andromeda!

On Monday afternoon, after climbing Athabasca, Brad from Edmonton met up with me in the campground to prepare for an ascent of Mount Andromeda the next day. The weather was still poor but I knew Brad would have the skills and determination to complete a big climb the next day regardless.

Brad on the North Face of Mount Andromeda.

We got out of bed at 2am and quickly headed up to the parking lot. After hiking to the glacier we found a new, and easier, way to get through the initial serac band and into the North bowl. An hour of picking our way up the glacier and across big crevasses brought us to the base of the North Face route. The route itself was in great shape, with good step kicking, but the weather was more reminiscent of a winter storm than a mid-summers day! Once we reached the ridge top we quickly summited and then headed down the AA Col descent in a full-on snow storm. Again it was pretty cool being up there in such wild weather and Brad & I both enjoyed the challenge. Thanks to Brad's fitness we made it back to the car only 9 hours after starting out, excellent time for Mt. Andromeda!

I think it's time for a few days rest for me!

J. Mills
CRAG Owner & Head Guide

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