Thursday, December 9, 2010

Three days of ice climbing with Jarrid

Spent the last three days climbing like mad with Jarrid from Edmonton. He has done some ice climbing in the past & is a quick learner so we were able to get lots of good climbing in!
We started out with a day in Haffner Creek working on technique. We climbed every ice route in the canyon as well as practising some anchor building skills.

Climbing one of the ice routes in Haffner Creek.
On Tuesday we decided to do a multipitch climb and headed to the classic Guinness Gully (WI4) near Field, BC. The route is well formed but is a bit more difficult than usual. It provided good challenging climbing on every pitch, culminating in the long last pitch of sustained WI4. In order to practice more skills, we rappelled the route instead of walking off.
Topping out on the last pitch of Guinness Gully.
For our final day we attempted the route Masseys near Field, but encountered extremely fragile ice on the first pitch. After climbing the first 15 meters we decided to call it quits and head somewhere else. The climb will likely fatten up in the next few days and should be good to go pretty soon. After walking the short distance back to the car, we drove to Grotto Canyon where Jarrid did his first lead of the season on Grotto Falls. He cruised the route and it was a great way to end our three days!
Jarrid leading on Grotto Falls.

J. Mills

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