Thursday, December 16, 2010

Louise Falls with Shaun

Louise Falls from below.
Last Friday Shawn joined me for a great day of ice climbing on Louise Falls above Lake Louise, Alberta.
Midway up Louise Falls.

After a quick hike around the lake we plowed up to the base of the route through a few feet of soft snow. Two pitches of WI3 led us to a cave behind the crux pillar. The crux pitch was in much more difficult shape (WI5) than it is later in the season, but had some really good climbing. Above, a final pitch of harder-than-it-looks ice took us to the top. We decided to rappel the route instead of walking off.

Rappelling the bottom pitch.

Back at the base, we top-roped the bottom pitch a few times so Shawn could practice placing ice screws and get some more climbing in.

As always, it was a fun day on the ice!

J. Mills

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