Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yamnuska with Mark & Chris

Our lines (approx.) on Yam!

Had a sweet day of rock climbing in the sun with Mark & Chris yesterday. It was their first time on Yam so we chose the classic Unnamed (5.7) route, AKA "the pumkin route" due to a large pumpkin spraypainted on the last pitch!

At a belay on Unnamed.

Everyone was climbing strong and we cruised up the 6 pitches of the climb in no time. A couple of the corners & chimneys provided some challenge and overall it was lots of fun. Since we were up the route so fast, we decided to go play around on the 2 pitch routes near the East end of Yam for the afternoon. The routes tend to wander so we just linked a few of them together for a nice challenging 5.9+ route that was about 80 meters long. It was a perfect way to end the day!

Mark on our east end variation (5.9+).

Mark & Chris are in the area climbing all week and I'm sure they will have some more good adventures!

J. Mills

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