Monday, August 23, 2010

Glacier Travel Course!

Had another great group of people out for a glacier travel course a couple weekends ago! We all camped out at the Icefield Campground and headed out for our days from there.

On Saturday we went to a good practice spot and learned how to rescue each other from crevasses. Starting with building snow anchors, we progressed through the skills until everyone was able to use the rope systems to efficiently & safely haul a fallen climber out of a hole. Later in the day we practices self rescue techniques such as climbing up a rope using prussics & biners.

Learning to rescue each other out of crevasses.
Sunday was spent learning how to travel on a glacier without falling in a crevasse, a much more important skill! Snow line is quite high right now so we headed up to about 8000 feet on the North Glacier below Mt. Athabasca. We did a fun tour on the snow & ice and crossed a number of crevasses along the way. In the afternoon we found an open crevasse which we took turns lowering each other into and them climbed out. To finish off we did a couple of long rappels down a steeper ice slope and practiced a number of techniques along the way.
Traveling on the glacier below Mt. Athabasca.

Ice climbing in a crevasse!

It was a fun weekend at the Icefields, and also the start of a week long Alpine Skills Course, more on that later!

J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide

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