Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ice Climbing at King Creek

After a nice Christmas break in Manitoba, I was back in the Rockies for a day of climbing with a group of guys who work together & who's company flew them down from Houston, TX for some ice climbing & team building.  It was organized by Shawn P whom I have climbed with a bunch of times over the last few years.  The others had never ice climbed, and for one of them it was his first introduction to Canada!  Everyone was really enthusiastic and we were soon taking turns on all the ice climbs at King Creek.  We even finished the day by top roping a challenging mixed route that has formed in a corner this year and is a really hard climb for your first day of ice climbing! 

It was fun day of climbing & I hope they have been inspired to try some more in the future!

J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide

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