Wednesday, November 28, 2012

California Rock Climbing

After a very busy and action packed summer, my wife Jody & I decided to pack up the Corolla and head down to California for our off season.  Along the way we visited City of Rock, ID, which I would highly recommend for it's great climbing & camping among the crags.  From there we did the marathon drive to Bishop, CA where we spent a couple weeks sampling the various crags near town, and doing some multipitch climbing in Yosemite.  Jody is a photographer so her photo's are far superior to mine, check out her facebook page for a few shots from our trip! 

Here's a few of my own from our adventures!

Jody taking photos in Yosemite during a break from belaying her single minded husband...

Cathedral Spire from a climb we did on Upper Cathedral Rock in Yosemite.

Jody on Braille Book, a really fun 5 pitch climb in Yosemite.

It was a great way to wind down after the summer, now for 6 months of ice!

J. Mills

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