Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bugaboo quick hit - Divine Intervention (5.11b)

The Bugaboos is without a doubt one of the world's premier alpine rock climbing destinations.  However, despite it only being a couple hundred kilometers from my home in Canmore, I rarely seem to make the time to venture in there.  This summer was no exception, but I did manage to squeeze in one climb with Raphael a couple days after our Mt. Alberta adventure.  For our one day of climbing, we chose a newer route called "Divine Intervention" (5.11b) on the East Face of Bugaboo Spire.  The route hasn't seen many ascents yet, so some spots were a bit mossy, but otherwise the climbing was spectacular!  Given that I rarely have the chance to climb granite, I found some of the pitches quite difficult and was inspired to improve my granite skills in the future! 

East Face of Bugaboo Spire from the climbers campground.  Divine Intervention climbs a bit right of center up the smooth face.

Raph on one of the crux pitches.

Raph preparing to charge another pitch of steep climbing!

Trying to figure out where the last pitch goes!

Me leading a fun, although somewhat mossy, 5.10 pitch high on the route. 

J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide

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