Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another season of alpine air guitar...

Aaron joined me again this month for some climbing and training for our planned Mt. Robson climb in August.  Those of you who were following my blog last summer may remember a number of photo's of Aaron air-guitaring on summits. 

We started out with a day of ice & glacier skills review on the Boundary Glacier.  The next morning we got up really early and headed towards the excellent North Ridge route on Athabasca (III, 5.5), which is definitely the most challenging route on the peak.  It was in very snowy winter-like condition which added some extra challenge.   The route has a poor reputation, but this is mostly due to people getting suckered onto the downsloping low angle left-hand side of the ridge.  If you stay on the steeper ground, the climbing is excellent.  We had a great day on the route, and good views to boot!

Aaron scrambling through the rocks low on the route.

Aaron leading one of the steep snow section.

Spectacular positions high on the route.

 Classic mountaineers pose on the summit!

We had hoped to do a multiday climb on the East Ridge of Mt. Patterson afterwards, but the weather was not in our favour.  So, we instead decided to do some rock climbing in the Bow Valley for a day.  We chose the really fun route "Econonline (5.10a)" on the East End of Rundle.  The climb went well and Aaron did great on the steeper climbing.  The crux traverse pitch is a memorable one for sure!
We also had the pleasure of watching a mountain goat grazing on the cliffs nearby, you don't usually see them at such low elevations.  

J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide