Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Alpine Skills Course & air guitar practice!

Apart from lots of great climbing, June's Alpine Skills Course was a really good time thanks to Luke, Linda, Aaron, and Andrew who made everyday fun, and at times funny! For example, we are likely the first people in the climbing history of the Rockies to play air guitar on two 11000 foot peaks in just four days, see photo's below.

Learning alpine ice climbing skills at the Columbia Icefields.

Practicing at the toe of the glacier below Mt. Athabasca.

Air guitar on the summit of Mt. Athabasca.

Descending the AA Col route after summiting Athabasca.

Learning to build rock anchors on day 3.

Ascending the first part of the "Owen Gully's" route up Mt. Cline.

Enjoying the very exposed crux on Mt. Cline in winter like conditions.

Yup, felt like winter! Also at the crux on Cline.

Air guitar on the summit of another 11000er, Mt. Cline.

Descending the upper ridge on Mt. Cline.

J. Mills

CRAG Head Guide


  1. Wow!!! I cannot wait to do this with you in August!!! Doing LEfroy this weekend :)