Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mt. Andromeda - Skyladder

Part way up the Skyladder

Had a great day out at the Icefields with Tezla & Dan from Calgary. We set out at 3:00am for the Skyladder Route on Mt. Andromeda , which doesn't get climbed anywhere near as often as Mt. Athabasca. The snowpack was soft at the parking lot, but became more supportive as we gained elevation. By the time we reached the glacier, conditions were excellent and we moved quickly. After avoiding a few crevasses on the lower glacier, we crossed the bergshrund and kicked steps up the Skyladder as fast as we could. We cruised the route and were on top in no time.

On the summit!

We descended back down the route and were back at the car before 11:00am!

J. Mills

CRAG Head Guide

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