Friday, May 27, 2011

Rock Climbing Season!

Rock climbing season is in full swing! Climbers have been spotted dancing around on cliffs throughout the Rockies, and those who fled south for the Spring have mostly returned to the Bow Valley.

For my part, I had a fun day up on Yamnuska with Soo from the United Kingdom. We climbed a mix of a few routes on the West End and did a total of 7 pitches up to 5.8. It was a bit cold in the morning but once we were on the cliff the sun warmed us nicely. Soo had never multipitch climbed before but she did awesome and we both had lots of fun!

The West end of Yamnuska. We climbed near the left side of the photo.

I've also had a few fun days dangling from overhangs at the crags around Canmore, and am hoping to push my sport climbing abilities a bit further this summer. A couple days ago I went up to Guides Rock near Banff for the first time and I would highly recommend it as a dry & scenic crag with some really cool climbing.

Rock climbing at a fun secret crag on Saturday.

On the weekend I taught the first Intro Rock Course of the season and we were lucky enough to have good weather throughout. On Saturday we avioded the May Long Weekend crowds by going to my top-secret rock crag which I have developed over the last couple years. It was nice and quiet for learning to climb & belay. On Sunday we headed to Wasootch and climbed like mad for most of the day!

Rock climbing at Wasootch.

Off to the Icefields now for a Glacier Travel Course & some alpine climbing!

J. Mills

CRAG Head Guide

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