Saturday, February 5, 2011

January Ice roundup.

It's been a few weeks since I've posted on here, mostly because I've been working lots on an online ice climbing guidebook at . However, rest assured that I have been ice climbing lots and have run some fun courses & trips! Avalanche conditions were out of control for much of the month, so I explored a number of low-hazard but hard to get to areas that I'd never checked out before including Green Monster & Slurpee, Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch area, and lots more.

Here are some photos from the last month!

Dave Edgar on the 1st pitch of the Weeping Wall's Central Pillar (WI5+)

Paul Tiere climbing out a hole onto the WW's Central Pillar.

An Intermediate Ice Course with Trevor & Lori in Haffner Creek.

The next day at Wedge Smear.

The Sorcerer (WI5) in the Ghost. The route was in great shape when we climbed it a couple weeks ago.

My Mom ice climbing for the 1st time in Grotto Canyon.

Mom kicking butt on Hers in Grotto Canyon.

Mike K. practicing ice skills on a secret climb a few weeks ago.

Due to tragic camera failure, I missed about 10 days worth of climbs, but the problem is resolved and there should be more stories & pics coming soon!

J. Mills
CRAG Owner & Head Guide


  1. Great updates! Always like following your blog.

  2. "Keep the Good Times Going" that Dave Edgar in the jumpsuit or Budd Light??