Monday, September 6, 2010

Eisenhower Tower with Chris & Jamie

Jamie climbing a steep section on Eisenhower Tower.

Spent a super fun day on Eisenhower Tower last week with Chris & Jamie from Stoney Plain. Chris was keen to practice his leading skills so he ended up leading almost the entire route!

The route.

We started up the trail at dawn, and it was a beautiful clear morning. The approach went quickly and we were soon scrambling up the lower tier of Castle mountain. Once we reached the Dragons back, Chris led some of the sections & I led the others. The steep 20 foot crux (that the guidebook neglects to mention) provided some extra challenge as always. Upon reaching the headwall, Chris & Jamie climbed as a team of two with Chris leading while I climbed just ahead to provide tips and keep us on route. Both Chris and Jamie climbed really well and we moved smoothly up the mountain. Chris basically led the entire way to the top and was psyched to get so much practice leading in the mountains.

Chris leading on the headwall.

The descent went smoothly and we were back at the car having a celebratory beverage in no time!

J. Mills

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