Saturday, May 8, 2010

Yamnuska with Shaun

Headed up to Yam today with Shaun from Manitoba. Shaun spent all last summer here and we climbed a few routes together including Eisenhower Tower and the Gmoser route on Mt. Louis. It was his first day climbing for the season so we headed up to Yam for some rock climbing to get back into the swing of things.

Shaun on pitch two of Gollums Grooves.
Last weeks stormy weather deposited almost a foot of snow on the trail and all the ledges on the climbs so we opted for the East End routes which tend to be the dryest. We started out with the three pitch Gollum's Grooves which had some great climbing and was certainly more challenging in spots due to the snow! After walking down the backside we decided to get a bit more climbing in and headed up 'C Plus', a nice two pitch route near the East End.

Overall it was a fun day out and not too chilly despite the snow! A day or two of sunny weather should dry the cliff out nicely.

J. Mills

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