Thursday, April 15, 2010

Professor Falls & King Cr with Pat & Susie

The ice climbing season isn't over yet!

Susie on the second pitch of Professor Falls

Last weekend Pat & Susie from Calgary joined me for a fun weekend learning to ice climb. They both had previous experience using the gear on glaciers so the ice climbing skills came quick! On Saturday we went to King Creek where the ice is still fat & dry. We started on the furthest right
climb and worked our way through all the routes during the day.

Pat on Professor Falls.

Since they both did so well on Saturday, we decided to tackle Professor Falls on Sunday. Although the climbing was steeper than anything in King Creek, the climbing went well and we moved efficiently up the route. The last pitch was a bit wet, as usual, but was otherwise in great shape.

It was a fun weekend and I look forward to doing more climbing with Pat & Susie this summer!

J. Mills

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    Tell us about your recent ascent.....Anxiously awaiting.