Saturday, March 13, 2010

Professor Falls - WI4, 280m

Shawn from Houston joined me last Saturday for a great day of multipitch climbing on Professor Falls. Shawn has been on mountaineering trips all over the world and has lots of experience climbing glacier ice but is new to waterfall ice climbing. We decided to head to Professor Falls on Mt. Rundle near Banff since he wanted to get a big day in with lots of climbing.

The first few pitches of Professor Falls.

Since he had only waterfall ice climbed once before, I was concerned that it may be too difficult. I had no need to worry however and we actually climbed some of the steeper pitches a few times and then did 3 laps on the last crux pitch! We took three different lines, the regular WI4 on the left, the steeper right side (WI5), and even a lap on the backside of the curtain which had some wild mushrooms and daggers. It was a really fun day with alot more climbing than expected!

Shawn climbing the backside of the crux pitch while another climber heads up the front.

J. Mills

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