Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moonlight & Guinness with Brad

Brad on the first pitch of Moonlight.

Had a fun couple days ice climbing with Brad from Edmonton earlier on this week. He had just returned from a trip in Thailand but was keen to get on some ice!

On day 1 we headed out to Evan Thomas Creek and climbed Moonlight (WI 4). The hooked-out easier line was soaking wet so we were forced to climb some much steeper ice than normal! Afterwards we returned to my place in Canmore and practiced some ropework skills. Brad and I are planning on trying Mt. Robson this summer so we were reviewing crevasse rescue techniques.

Self rescuing from a crevasse that magically appeared in front of my house!
For our second day we headed out to Guinness Gully which was in excellent shape and provided a fun day of climbing!

Brad hucking laps on the second pitch of Guinness Gully.
J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide

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