Friday, February 12, 2010

Mt. Assiniboine attempt.

Eammon Walsh and I drove around to the West side of the Rockies and started skiing with the goal of climbing the East face of Mt. Assiniboine (V, 5.9, A2).

On the long approach to Mt. Assiniboine.

The weather forecast seemed good but as we made the 10 hour slog to the base of the mountain, conditions steadily deteriorated. Upon arriving at the base of the peak, we did get a brief glimpse of the North face and it looked relatively snow free.

Our brief look at the mountain.

We went to bed with hopes of it clearing, but in the morning the wind was howling, snow was falling, and the mountian was hidden in cloud. We started out anyways but after rappeling into the base of the face we decided it would be foolhardy to continue. Here's what the mountain looked like once the sun came up:

The spectacular view of Mt. Assiniboine in a whiteout!

The long ski back out gave us plenty of time to contemplate the joys of hard winter alpinism! Hopefully we find another opportunity to try this great looking route later on in the winter.

J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide

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