Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Grillmairs Chimneys on Yamnuska with Malcolm & Betty

Malcolm & Betty about halfway up Grillmairs Chimneys.

Malcolm & Betty from Toronto joined me for an ascent of the classic Grillmairs Chimneys route (300m, 5.7) up Yamnuska on Sunday. Grillmairs Chimneys was the first route ever done on Yam and is still one of the best 5.7's in the Bow Valley. The climb was challenging but they did excellent and we moved smoothly up the route. The highlight was the exciting final chimney and squirming through the hole at the top of the climb! It was a fun day and I hope to see them again in the future!

Betty following one of the crux sections of Grillmairs Chimneys.
Coming through the hole at the top of the climb!
J. Mills
CRAG Owner & Head Guide

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