Thursday, January 15, 2009

Whiteman Falls & Redman Soars

Made two trips into this great area last week with good friends. On the first trip Andy Adamson and myself climbed Whiteman Falls which was in excellent W5 shape on the right side.

A few days later headed back in with Jody S. from Jasper and started with Redman Soars (W5, 5.10) which proved to be one of the most fun mixed pitches either of us had ever climbed. Super positive tool placements, great natural protection, steep ground, and an awesome location. Hard to beat! We had lots of time left so Jody led us up Whitemans which he had not climbed before and it was again in excellent condition.

Whiteman's from below Jody on Whiteman Falls

Me on Redman Soars Thin ice start to Redman's
J. Mills
CRAG Owner/Head Guide

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