Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ice, Ice, and more Ice!

It's been an awesome couple months of non-stop ice climbing here in the Rockies! Due to prioritizing climbing over computers, breaking 2 cameras, and just being super busy in general, I haven't posted anything here for quite some time. So, without any further delay, here is some pics from the last couple months. This is only a sampling of the routes I've been climbing & guiding, but there were some good ones for sure!

Terry from Scotland on Finishing Hammer Gully in February.

Terry below 570 after climbing SAR's on Ice.

Mythological (WI6), the best route in the Okanagan. I never thought I'd drive all the way to the Okanagan to go ice climbing, but this route was well worth the drive!

Chris D. leading the first pitch of Mythological.

Me starting up one of the crux pitches on Mythological. Photo: Dave Edgar.

Chris & Dave hanging from the wild overhanging branches on top of Mythological.

Climbing in Grotto Canyon on the Ice Skills Week in February. It was an awesome week with everyone learning to lead climb, mixed climb, and multipitch!

Shawn on one of his first ever leads during the Ice Skills Week!

My Daddy's a Psycho (WI5+) beside Murchison Falls. This is one of the best routes I've guided this season, super fun!

Tyler rappeling into a cave on the descent from My Daddy's a Psycho.
On top of these trips, I've had lots of super fun guests over the last couple months, and appreciate everyone making the effort to get out ice climbing with me in the Rockies this winter!
J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide

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