Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Guinness Gully, Stout & High Test with Shawn

Shawn came down from Houston again for another sweet day of ice climbing. Our last trip together we climbed Professor Falls, and this time he wanted to try a more difficult climb. We decided that combining Guinness Gully with the climbs above would be a good choice.

Shawn near the top of Guinness Gully.
It was a warm morning as we started up the first pitch of Guinness, there was even a bit of water flowing behind the ice in spots. I don't think that pitch will last much longer. As we climbed higher the ice improved and we were on top of Guinness Gully in no time.

After a short food & water break we hiked the 20 minutes up to Guinness Stout (WI 4+, 80m). The long final pitch of Guinness Stout was very physical climbing with lots of swinging required!

Me pulling onto the ice at the start of High Test. Photo: Shawn P.
Still not tired out, we headed over to High Test (WI 4+, 60m). The first few feet of the first pitch were missing but we managed to haul ourselves up the short overhang onto the ice. The main upper pitch was a bit harder than Guinness Stout but went smoothly nonetheless.

Me starting up the main pitch of High Test. Photo: Shawn P.

With all three routes combined, it made for a very full day of climbing!

Shawn rappelling down High Test.
J. Mills
CRAG Head Guide

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