Monday, February 8, 2010

Intro Ice Weekend - "Step Right Up" & "Wedge Smear"

I had the pleasure of teaching a small and super fun group of three climbers on last weekends Intro Ice Course.

Soaking up the rays at "Step Right Up" near Banff.

On Saturday we headed into the sunny "Step Right Up" ice climb near Banff. By mid-afternoon it felt like T-Shirt weather in the sun! There was a good variety of lines on the climb and everyone progressed from easy grade 2 ice in the morning to a steep grade 3 climb by the end of the day. As well, everyone learned belaying, knots, and a whole bunch of ice climbing techniques.

Ice climbing at the Wedge Smear in K-Country on Sunday.

Sunday we hiked up to the "Wedge Smear" in Kananaskis Country. This is a great area for learning since there is some steep ice, some mellow ice, some thin ice, and even a short overhanging section on the far right side! There was a huge improvement in everyone's skills from day 1 and the climbing went great.

J. Mills
CRAG Owner & Head Guide

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