Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ice Skills Clinic

Starting with some steep ice on day 1!

Three enthusiastic climbers joined me this weekend for our Ice Skills Clinic. Everyone was particularly interested in improving thier steep ice techniques so that's what we spent the majority of the time practicing.

Climbing in the sun this afternoon.

On Saturday everybody did lots of laps on the climbs while working on tool placements, footwork, and body positioning. By the end of the day their was lots of improvement and everyone was climbing much more efficiently. We also covered ice screws and anchors, as well as a variety of other ice climbing related topics.

Practicing placing screws on steeper sections of ice.

Today (Sunday), we headed into a different area and basked the the warm sunshine while climbing non-stop all day long! There was again a big improvement in everyone's technique throughout the day.

It was great to have such a fun group of climbers, and I hope to see everyone again in the future!

J. Mills

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