Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dec 19-20th Intro Ice Course

Had another succesfull Intro Ice Climbing Course last week with 5 participants from Edmonton. Everyone enjoyed temperatures that were the complete opposite of the weekend before, Saturday was especially nice and warm.
Climbing the steepest route of day 1.

No one in the group had ice climbed before but by lunch time on the first day everyone had completed a few climbs and had the hang of using the ice tools, crampons, and rope systems. Thanks to everyone's enthusiasm we had a very full day of climbing and ended up racing darkness back to the cars!

On Sunday we went to King Creek and climbed like mad! The steeper lines on the central climb provided lots of challenge and a good workout, while a thin strip of ice to the right offered a more technical climb. Finally, the long left hand route tested everyone's stamina and was probably the favourite climb of the day.

It would be great to see everyone back again for some more climbing in the future!

Merry Christmas,

J. Mills

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